Groupon rules!

So this Monday Gaucho Ranch embarked on our first of I hope many “Groupon” sales.  For those of you that don’t know about “Groupon” let me share the good news. is a website dedicated to bringing the general consumer great deals on restaurants, food, spas, events, and mostly anything to do around town.  You log on, pick a city and every morning you’ll receive a new deal for your area, usually saving you more then 50% from the original price.  We had the opportunity to be featured on “Groupon” this past Monday, our customers bought a $40.00 coupon for $20.00, for any of our Gaucho Products in store or online.  We had a great turn out and new faces have been popping up everyday.  To those of you that didn’t know about Groupon check them out and sign up, you never know when you’ll find the deal of your life, and to all the new faces, welcome and thanks for coming by.

PS: Look out for our new family plans (Coming Soon), you’ll save up to 30% on our delicious grass-fed beef!


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