Can everyone afford Grass-fed beef?

We asked our customers what keeps them from eating healthy grass-fed beef and in general good food, their response is always the same: Cost, Money, Dinero, Mula, CASH.  We can’t deny that eating Grass-fed and sustainable foods are in fact healthier then eating processed food or corn-fed beef.  While it’s better for us, the enviroment and the animals, it can sometimes be a little pricier. The TIMES printed an article called “The Real Cost of Cheap Food”, if you haven’t read it we encourage to click on the link and do so.  Everyone should know where their food comes from what is added and exactly how the animals are treated.  We don’t believe grass-fed beef should be so expensive either, to make it easier this summer we will be working on family plans that can save you up to 30% on our Gaucho Ranch grass-fed beef.  We also have a new special all month,  Save $20.00 on your next online purchase of $100.00 or more using promo code “EASTER2010”.  Visit to start saving.


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