What is your favorite beef cut?

Rib-eye Steak, definitely my favorite. 

This past Friday night (April 2nd, 2010) was perfect for a grill party, or “Asado”.  For those of you that don’t know we host “Asado” tastings twice a month by invitation at our retail warehouse in Miami.  Our Grill Master Don Julio cooks a few of our cuts on his wood fire grill and everyone brings their favorite wine selections. 
This week we tried the boneless shortribs, Strip Steak, Picahna, and skirt steaks.  Everyone seemed to love the strip steak most, but everything was absolutely delicious.  Special thanks to everyone that came, and of course to Don Julio for always doing an amazing job.  Check out our pictures from the event and let us know what your favorite beef cut is.  If you would like to attend one of our tastings email us at info@gauchoranch.com and let us know.  If you’re a fan of Don Julio, be sure to visit his website at http://www.abcdonjulio.com/

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