A new way to buy grass-fed beef

We have heard your comments, your suggestions, your ideas and pleas about how eating healthy can be too expensive.  Cost apparently is not the only reason people don’t eat healthier foods, according to  FoodNavigator: “consumers are not willing to trade convenience for health or other benefits. Products cannot be healthful at the expense of convenience or they will not be successful.”      
I however believe there’s quite a few of us out there not willing to trade our health for convenience, and while “yes” eating healthy meals sometimes means more preparation, time and often money, the price to pay for not eating healthy is much higher in the long run.       
In an effort to help those of us who like to eat healthy, delicious, mouth-watering grass-fed beef, Gaucho Ranch is launching the “Gaucho Savings Plans”.  The program will begin in Miami and will later expand for online buyers around the country.  If you live in the Miami area you can enjoy some of the best grass-fed beef around at a great price, plans will start at savings of 20% up to 30% off on Gaucho Ranch grass-fed beef products.       

Here are the facts:    

  • Save 20 to 30% on all Gaucho grass-fed beef      

  • Free delivery to your door (twice a month)      

  • Exclusive monthly specials      

  • Order direct over phone and by email      

Here is how it works:   

  1. Email info@gauchoranch.com to receive a price list and plans available  

  2.  Choose a plan, complete form and send it in  

  3.  Start eating healthy grass-fed beef and let the good times roll!     

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Check out this great article about “5 reasons people don’t eat healthy     


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