“Use 2 words to describe our grass-fed beef”

“Use two words to describe our beef” is the task we gave our customers at our last “Asado” party (04/16/2010) on Friday.  After having 3 or 4 of our grass-fed beef cuts, some of Don Julios Chorizos, and wine this is what they had to say:

“Que Rico”, “Subtle Tender”, “Very Good”, “Muy Bueno”, “De Licious”, “Tasty, Not enough” 

I found an interesting article today called “Food Rules 25 – 27 – Old Wives Tales and grass-fed animal products” it’s about Michael Pollans Book “Food Rules”.  One of the topics is grass-fed products, and the idea is simple.  Eat animals that you know have also eaten healthy.  Eating healthy hearty beef isn’t a new trend or theory, it’s always been around, and in a lot of Countries around the world it is the Norm today.  Whatever meat you eat, beef, chicken, fish, or pork we encourage you to find out what the animal is eating and how it’s raised.  As you can see eating healthy is more often then not “muy bueno” and “De Licious”.  Thank you everyone that came and of course thank you Don Julio for doing an amazing job on that grill.  If you’d like to be invited to attend one of our “Asado” parties, email info@gauchoranch.com to get on the list.  Check out our pics and let us know what you think!

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