Social Media = “Super Deals” on Grass-fed Beef

So the “Gaucho” is all about finding ways to help our customers eat healthy grass-fed beef regularly without breaking their wallet.  This summer we are launching specials for our social media friends, fans, and followers.  Here’s how you can save:  Every Wednesday we will post a “Super Deal” on one or more of our products, but you will only see it on our social media sites including this Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  The offer will be for a limited amount of people on a first come first serve basis and for a limited amount of time.
When you see the deal contact (305)751 – 0775  to reserve your cuts at Super Deal price, you can also shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll reserve it for you.  We’ll announce on Facebook when the offer is over.  You can pick it up at our retail warehouse or have it shipped to another State if you’re from out-of-town.  Shipping and Handling Cost are not included for out of State orders.
Tell your friends, family, co-workers, tell everyone so they can save and eat delicious healthy grass-fed beef!


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