“Super Deal” Grass-fed Beef

100% Grass-fed New York Strip Steak Super Deal

Super Deal: 04/28/2010

Today’s super deal is our Single New York Strip Steak, we are selling 20 Steaks a 10.00 steak, normally priced at 13.00 in our retail warehouse, you can save $3.00. To reserve your steak at $10.00 send me a facebook message or email info@gauchoranch.com and tell me how many you want to buy and we’ll put them on hold for you.  If you’re from out of town, send me your name and how many steaks and I’ll tell you how to purchase on our website.  First come first serve don’t forget.


3 thoughts on ““Super Deal” Grass-fed Beef

  1. How do you say “tira de asado” in English?
    That’s my fav! After filet mignon, of course!

    I’d like to order 3 of your $10 steaks, please. I’m in Miami. Where do I pick up?

    • Hola Marina! we are actually not sure that there is a direct translation in English, Asado is generally just Shortribs :), I have reserved your 3 steaks, you can swing by our place in Miami located at 7251 NE 2nd Ave, #113, Miami, FL 33138.

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