Grass-fed Rib-eyes Super Deal!

Here we go again fellow fans, friends, and followers! Todays super deal includes the Gaucho rib-eye whole cut.  Gaucho Ranch sells a variety of single portion controlled steaks that include premium cuts like the rib-eye, strip, and skirt steak.  They now offer whole cuts to the general public that were before only sold to restaurants and super markets.  The Rib-eye whole cuts come in 5 to 6 pounds, never frozen and vacuum sealed.  You can cut it into steaks or cook it as a roast and taste the tender, juicy, superb flavor of grass-fed beef from the Pampas of Uruguay. They are regularly sold at $11.99 the pound (at our retail warehouse in Miami) but today it’s on sale for $10.00 the pound.  If you want to get bang for you buck you can buy this cut,  a 5 pound cut can make you more than 6 12oz steaks, each (Steak) worth about $7.50!  There is a limited amount, and this offer is only valid today May 13, 2010.  This offer is valid for online customers too, but shipping and handling is not included.  We will post when the deal is over or sold out, remember to subscribe to our blog to receive deals in your inbox, or become a fan on Facebook.


EMAIL: with your name and how many cuts you would like to reserve, someone will email you back with instructions and payment methods available
FACEBOOK: If you read this on Facebook, just send us a private message with the same information and someone will get back to you.


Must read article: American Beef: Why is it Banned in Europe?”
We recently subscribed to a magazine called The Meat Paper, its interesting and unconventional, take a look.


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