Grass-fed beef Super Deal

It’s a fact that one of the most flavorful, easy to cook, and affordable beef cuts is the delicious skirt steak.  Todays Gaucho Super deal features our grass-fed skirt steak, 100% natural,  free of antibiotics and hormones from happy cows.  Normally priced at $10.00 at our retail warehouse in Miami and $12.99 online, today only it’s $8.00, yeah you heard it right 8 bucks!

Here’s how the deal works: it’s a limited quantity so its first come first serve, the deal is only for today 5/26/2010, you must place your order today to reserve the price.
To Reserve: email and tell us your name and how many Skirt steaks you would like reserve at $8.00.  Someone will email you back with payment methods and pick up times.  You can also visit our Miami Location at 7251 NE 2nd Ave, #113 Miami FL 33138 and just mention the deal and we’ll give you the discount.  If you’re from out-of-town, we’ll give you the discount but shipping and handling is not included.
Facebook: If you’re reading this on Facebook, send us a Facebook message with your name and how many steaks your would like to hold and we’ll send you payment  and pick up information.

“I was astonished by the flavor, a deep rich beefy flavor that was absolute delicious, different, yet familiar. The texture was a joy. Firm yet tender, juicy, every bite filling my mouth with more of that superb flavor. ”  – Stanley Fishman (Author of the Tender of Grassfed Meat)


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