For the love of steak

I read a very interesting blog called The Nourished Life with a piece called “Can Grass Fed Beef Melt Your Fat Away? 3 Ways It Can Help”  if you have a minute read it, it’s fun, direct, and informative.  Contrary to popular beef, not all beef is bad for you, because not all beef is created equal.  Just like with produce, eating a home grown local apple versus eating a genetically engineered apple are two very opposite things.  Any chef or nutritionist  will tell you when it comes to food it’s all about the quality.  We naturally need protein in our body and grass-fed beef is definitely a good source of it.  Gaucho Ranch beef is 100% grass-fed free of hormones and antibiotics of any kind.  When purchasing online or at supermarkets be sure to ask if it’s 100% grass-fed and stay informed about your food and and purchase.  More often then not products are labeled natural or grass-fed but are actually finished on grain or corn the last few months of the animals life, this of course makes all the difference.  Below are some more articles for your reading pleasure.

NPR: “The Truth About Grass-fed Beef” “Why Grassfed Animal Products are Better For You”
The New York Times Blog: Switching to Grass-Fed Beef

Eat Healthy

For the beef lovers out there, make sure you check out the Rib-eye & Strip Steak Special going on at Gaucho Ranch online or at the store in Miami, they are 30% off this week and next week.


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