Gaucho August Events

Summer is almost over and Gaucho Ranch has been busy, so we thought we’d share some pictures and tell you what we’ve been up to this hot summer.   Earlier this month we were invited to D’CATA wine shop in Miami for a paired tasting of Bouza Monte Vide Eu wine and our Gaucho Ranch Grass-fed Beef.  The Monte Vide Eu wine is a unique blend of Tannat, Merlot, and Tempranillo.  Guests walked into the shop for a delicious pairing of wine and 100% grass-fed beef both imported from Uruguay.  Don Julio our grill master used his wood fire grill to slow cook some of his favorite cuts including the rib – eye and his homemade chorizos “Sausages”.  Everyone ate, drank, laughed and had a great time.   A special thanks to the happy staff at D’CATA wine Shop thank you for inviting us and for your wonderful hospitality.  Enjoy the pictures below.

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Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting world re-known wine Sommelier Charlie Arturaola his wife Pandora and a few of his closest friends.  Charlie has an upcoming movie titled “El Camino Del Vino” which translated means The Road of Wine, in the film Charlie is documented working around the world and in Argentina.  Don Julio joined us to cook some our grass-fed premium cuts including tri-tip, Rib-eye, and Flap meat to perfection on his grill.  Charlie shared some of his personal favorite wine selections.  Chef Alan Hughes joined the event and everyone shared stories, enjoyed great beef and wine with fantastic company.  Thank you everyone for passing by, and Charlie and Don Julio for making the event possible.


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