Labor Day Facts

Quick Facts:

When: 1st Labor Day took place on September 5th, 1882

Why: President Grover Cleveland signed it into law six days after the end of the 1894 Pullman Strike in which a number of workers died.  Congress passed the law swiftly and unanimously to appease the people.

Celebrations: Street Parades and a Festival for workers and their families

Today there is no Parade or Festival but we have parties and BBQ’s all over the country.  If you’re grilling this weekend you can enjoy a healthy grass-fed Steak with Gaucho Ranch beef.  If you live in the Miami area swing by our place on 7251 NE 2nd Ave, 113 Miami FL 33138 between today and Sat and you can save up to 30%.  We’re open from 9 – 6 PM weekdays and 10AM – 1:00PM on Saturday.


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