“Santa Parrillada” Grass-fed Beef Tasting!

February 4th, 2011 was the perfect evening for an “Asado” or South American style BBQ.  We named this event “Santa Parrillada” which translated means Holy Grilling or BBQ, and if you’re a meat lover it most certainly is Holy.  Invitations were sent out and we had about 25 guest show up with their favorite wine bottles and their appetite.  Oracio our Grill Master slow cooked several of our whole cuts over wood charcoal in our Hasty Bake grill.  It was fantastic everyone tried chorizo, morcillas (Blood Sausages), ribeye roast, and churrasco along with an array of grilled vegetables, warm baguettes, and fresh salad served by our fantastic host Adrianna.  Add to this friendly conversation good music and an abundance of wine you have a very successful tasting.  Thank you everyone for coming and thank you Adriana and Oracio for a fantastic evening.  If you would like to be invited to one of our tastings email us at info@gauchoranch.com and we’ll send you an invite for the next event.  Now to prove I’m not making all this up, here are some great pictures of the event.

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