Meet our Gaucho Rancher!

Just because its good to know where your food comes from we wanted to introduce you to Eduardo Urgal our head Gaucho.  Gaucho Ranch beef comes from one Ranch in Uruguay; “Estancia La Escalera”, a ranch owned by the Urgal family.  Eduardo is our head Gaucho,  we talk regularly on the phone via email and meet him in Uruguay when visiting the farm and animals. Eduardo and his Gauchos select the best cattle, they maintain and carefully watch over every aspect of their lives, from what they eat, drink, and where they roam.

So here is how it all happens; all cases travel to Miami by plane in temperature controlled containers called LD3.  When they arrive to the airport, customs inspectors check that all papers are in place and that everything is being taken care of properly from the airline during the travel from Uruguay.

We then move the container in refrigerated truck to our warehouse/storage facility, where USDA inspectors are scheduled to inspect the cargo.  Once the USDA inspectors determine that everything is in pristine conditions, they approve and stamp all cases. From this moment the product becomes “domestic product” and is ready for all of our customers to come buy and enjoy a healthy delicious grass-fed beef steak.

That’s our story, here are some great pics take a look and let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

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