From the Las Pampas of Uruguay to Miami’s Gaucho Grill Boutique

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Have you ever wondered how we get our Uruguayan grass-fed beef cuts into the United States and then into your bellies? Well here’s a step by step process of how we receive our beef and later distribute into homes and restaurants across the U.S.A.

All cases travel to Miami by plane in temperature controlled containers called LD3.

When they arrive to the airport, customs and inspectors from the department of Agriculture check that all papers are in place and that everything is being taken care properly from the airline during the travel from Uruguay.

After customs releases the shipment at the airport, we move the container in refrigerated truck to our warehouse/storage facility, where USDA inspectors are schedule to inspect the cargo. Sanitary regulations and quality of the product are inspected and checked, the records of the plant in Uruguay and all prior inspections and lab analysis are reviewed along with all customs pre-approved entry documents. Once the USDA inspectors determine that everything is in pristine conditions, they approve and stamp all cases. From this moment on the product becomes “domestic product” and is ready for distribution anywhere in USA.


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