Carnivore Gaucho Feast

What’s a great way to finish your week? a carnivore Gaucho feast of course!  It’s no secret that our Gaucho Asado tastings are popular and this one in particular was fantastic.

We had some of our favorite customers join us at our retail warehouse for an Asado (South American Grilling) and wine.  Our grill master along with the help of chefs from the Miami Culinary Institute slow cooked some of our juicy whole cuts over wood fire.  The menu this time included 100% grass fed whole strip-loin, flap meat, whole tenderloins marinated in our Gaucho Ranch Chimichurri with organic chorizo.  Just when you think it can’t get any better it does, because of our friends from Mimmo’s Mozzarella brought over their delicious hand made cheese for our gaucho friends.

If you’re a beef lover this is definitely an event you won’t want to miss next time, so if you would like to be invited be sure to send us an email.

Thank you to our amazing customers, to the Miami Culinary Institute, and of course to our Grill Master Javi.

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