A+E Stories: The Tale of Gaucho Ranch


Article Written By: Arts & Entertainment District  • 6|16|2016

“Of the many start-ups that I have been a part of, this is the first in which I simply began with a mission statement: to serve and educate the community, and worked from there,” says Pablo Liberato, Founder of Gaucho Ranch, a Miami-based grass-fed and sustainable beef retailer. This community-driven way of thinking aligns with that of the visionaries behind Miami’s Arts + Entertainment District and has made it the perfect spot for Pablo to showcase his beef to enthusiastic and forward thinking customers.

Hailing from New York, where he founded/owned many start-ups, ranging from a gelato shop to a tennis shop, Pablo felt everything was money driven so he wanted to take a step back from this commercial outlook on business. His new mission was to serve the community and to create a business in which he could truly educate his customers and provide them with a quality product. With Guacho Ranch’s cattle imported fresh from South America for retail and catering purposes, customers are receiving 100% natural grass fed beef, free of antibiotics, hormones and grain. Pablo aims to teach his customers about healthier eating through “eating less, but with higher quality and protein packed meals,” and about how grass-fed beef is better for both the environment and our bodies.

With the Arts + Entertainment District, Pablo has found an audience for his products which he feels truly understands his mission for better quality eating. As he is able to chat and mingle with event-goers while grilling up some of his delicious bites – steak sandwiches, sausage sandwiches, and artisanal empanadas– he feels that the A+E audience is “a progressive, new generation of people who are aware of his products and their mission for more healthful eating.”

Pablo has served his delicious meats at a variety of the area’s events including the Miami Flea and Movies Under the Stars in particular. Through catering to a new and forward thinking audience, Pablo has seen stronger retail sales, warehouse sales and an increased awareness for his products and his brand. Pablo noted that the area and its events are “such a fantastic idea and so enticing to people” and therefore have allowed Pablo to tap into a new group of customers who not only enjoy his food but truly are interested in the ways in which grass-fed beef is better for the environment and for our bodies.

Sharing his food within the many Arts + Entertainment district events has allowed Pablo to fulfill Gaucho Ranch’s founding mission statement: to serve and educate. A+E has allowed him to do so by providing an open space to not only educate, but to also integrate his customer’s feedback in order to produce the ultimate Gaucho Ranch experience.

On the horizon, Gaucho Ranch is aspiring to open its first Grill Boutique in Miami in the near future. This would entail selling both his meats and grill features.


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