Edible South Florida- The Skinny on Beef

Featured in Edible South Florida magazine’s third issue of Volume 7, Gaucho Ranch is part of a hot topic of conversation surrounding the beef business. Today, consumers are more and more concerned about health and environmental issues regarding the beef they buy. With various types of beef, ranging from USDA Prime, USDA Choice, and USDA Organic, to Grain-fed, Grass-fed and more, people are becoming more interested in the path the beef takes from cow to plate and that the process is humane and healthy.

Many of Florida’s cattle ranchers want to stick to “homegrown” beef to ensure quality of beef and minimize environmental damage by reducing the carbon footprint and supporting open wildlife habitats. With the rise of this practice, Gaucho Ranch thrives. Focusing on grass-fed beef imported from the pampas of Uruguay, Gaucho beef is tasty, lower in calories, leaner and has a higher omega-3 content than other types of beef. Owner Pablo Liberato encourages grass-fed beef as the better beef option and talks more about the benefits in Edible South Florida’s article, The Skinny On Beef.

As featured in the article, check out Gaucho Ranch beef for yourself at any of their tasting events, Quinto La Huella in Brickell, or Los Fuegos in Miami Beach, and read more about these options in the article. Where will Gaucho Ranch pop up next? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our blog to find out!@Gaucho Ranch- edible  SF- 08:01:16 .png


2 thoughts on “Edible South Florida- The Skinny on Beef

  1. My husband and I had the pleasure of coming to your store a week ago and came home with a beautiful pack of 4 ribeye steaks. Wonderful meat of course my husband a perfectionist griller took some credit but we are very happy and so glad to have found you. We also took your recommendation to eat lunch at The Pinch Kitchen and that was very special as they were doing the Miami Spice lunches and we got to try lots of things and all were excellent. I look forward to doing business with you. Laurie Connor

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