Organic Meat Twice As Good For You

It is a known fact that organic meat is better for your health for many reasons. It provides various important nutrients required to live a long and healthy life, among many other benefits. We knew our beef was good for you, but apparently its even better than we thought! Check out this article from Global Meat News, on research that proves there is even more support for why you should include organic meat in your diet.IMG_3335Written by: Oscar Rousseau, Global Meat News, February 16, 2016

Eating organic meat instead of non-organic meat could provide you with double the amount of essential nutrients and may lower the risk of heart disease, a study by Newcastle University has found.

The new report, published on 16 January in the British Journal of Nutrition, has revealed that organic meat has around 50% more essential Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional meat products. Organic meat also has lower levels of two saturated fats that have been linked to heart disease, the report claimed.

We farm organic red meat on a grass-based, home-grown forage diet which delivers a superb quality,” said Richard Smith, senior farms manager from UK organic meat producer Daylesford Organic.

In addition to other benefits of producing food in an organic system, this landmark paper now also confirms what we’ve always known: there is also a significant nutritional difference between organic and non-organic.Read more>>


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