Grass-fed Beef Has the Lowest Red Meat Cancer Risk

Too much of anything is never good, but recent news by the Mayo Clinic indicates that grass-fed beef actually has the lowest cancer risk than typical pellet-fed beef. This is yet another reason why Gaucho Ranch grass-fed beef is the way to go! Check out Global Meat News‘ article to see just how this news affects the industry.img_5127Written by: Oscar Rousseau, Global Meat News, December 9, 2015

Eating red meat that has grazed on grass its entire life poses a potentially lower risk of cancer than pellet-fed beef, according to research by Mayo Clinic.

The medical research is a massive boost to Verde Farms, which announced a plan to get more Americans eating grass-fed beef. The American-based company is popular in the US for its approach to livestock management. Its cows live entirely on a grass-fed diet, rather than the far cheaper dry pellets and they do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.

Meat-eaters in high-GDP nations are turning to ethically-sourced produce, as data published by Mintel on this website illustrates. The seismic shift in attitudes to meat is good news for Verde Farms, which has said the rising demand for grass-fed cattle has been the catalyst for a strong year of growth. Verde Farms’ sales grew by 70% in 2014. As a result, the company has moved to  a fancy new headquarters in Boston, quadrupled its workforce and redesigned its website making it ready for a self-predicted phase of growth. Read more>>


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