Artisanal Food Waste: Can You Turn Scraps Into Premium Products?

We try our best to maintain a sustainable business because the current and future state of our environment matters a great deal to Gaucho Ranch. We support the new ideas and strategies entrepreneurs of the food industry, such as Toast Ale for example, have now begun exploring to appeal “to do-gooder impulses aligns with something that sustainability expert Roni Neff has found in her research: Conversations about waste don’t have to carry connotations of self-flagellation.” Check out the intriguing article to see how businesses are moving forward to fight unnecessarily sending produce into landfills.

Written by: Jessica Leigh Hester, NPR – The Salt, August 19, 2016

Many efforts to address the food waste crisis hinge on getting consumers to buy fruits and vegetables that are adorably ugly — the bumpy tomato, the bulbous carrot, the dinged apple. Taste and nutritional value aren’t compromised by their irregular appearance. Still, many stores discount blemished produce — a concession to convention aimed at keeping the product moving briskly off the shelves and away from landfills. Earlier this summer, Wal-Mart launched an ugly apple pilot program at 300 of its outlets in Florida; grocery stores across the U.K. and Canada sell wonky-looking produce for 30 percent less than the shops’ standard fare. The slashed price tags have a subtext: The quirky produce is a compromise.

But a new crop of entrepreneurs is inverting the equation by using salvaged foods as the main ingredients in artisanal items. They’re hoping that, instead of paying bottom dollar for produce that might otherwise have been destined for the landfill, customers will pony up for premium products. Read more>>


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