The Dizzying Grandeur of 21st-Century Agriculture

The scope of agriculture has evolved tremendously in the past few decades. It has transformed into an industry where larger and larger amounts of products are being produced and shipped at extremely rapid rates. Many of these products include fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Check out this New York Times Magazine article, an eye-opening photographic account of massive agriculture from around the nation. See firsthand how food is produced, to make informed decisions about your food choices.

cows NYT article gaucho-10_10.jpg

Photo and Video by: George Steinmetz, New York Times,  October 5, 2016

Our industrialized food system nourishes more people, at lower cost, than any comparable system in history. It also exerts a terrifyingly massive influence on our health and our environment. Photographer George Steinmetz spent nearly a year traveling the country to capture that system, in all its scope, grandeur and dizzying scale. His photographs are all the more remarkable for the fact that so few large food producers are willing to open themselves to this sort of public view.

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