Fufi’s Empanadas

Our Gaucho amiga, Florencia Anaya is the mastermind behind the amazing and artisanal empanadas that you’ve probably tried if you’ve attended any of our events. Owner of Fufi’s Empanadas, her business was born as an inspiration from her grandmother’s empanada recipe. The more people tried them, the more she discovered how much they liked them, and the rest is history.

Ranging from cheese and creamed spinach to our very own Gaucho Ranch grass-fed beef, Fufi’s Empanadas vary in delicious and exquisite fillings and are known for being “clean” food, with a concentration on the flavors, a little extra oil and no extra fat. You can try her recipe at Vice City Bean, Miami Flea events, Canvas Miami, Rail 71 Cafe, and every month at our Gaucho tasting events!

Florencia and Fufi’s Empanadas have been featured in the Fall 2016 issue of Edible South Florida. Read the article, Elevating Empanadas by Gretchen Schmidt below, or go to their website to subscribe.

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Florencia Anaya likes to tell people she really doesn’t have a family culinary background. Her mother didn’t cook and neither did her grandmothers –  well one made rice and ketchup, she jokes. But during her childhood in Buenos Aires, Anaya says one of her grandmothers eventually tried her hand at spinach and beef empanadas, and they turned out to be so tasty, they became a family favorite.

As a teenager Anaya never forgot those savory pastry pockets, even during a whirlwind of travel and jobs. At 17, she moved to the United States to take a seasonal internship in hospitality management in Keystone, Colorado. Soon she was working three jobs – in retail and in ski rentals. She returned to Argentina for school and came back to Colorado.

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