Denmark Reduces Food Waste

Russian innovator Selina Juul’s will power has changed the mentality in Denmark. Her determination alone has reduced food waste by 25% in five years. The following is an article that demonstrates how one person can change an entire country’s food waste.

“I come from a country where there were food shortages, we had the collapse of infrastructure, communism collapsed, we were not sure we could get food on the table”.

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Selina Juul


Vice: Meathooked and End of Water

“The problem is that our focus is on making the meat as cheap as possible and as they cut those corners that’s where we often have environmental catastrophes.”

We are addicted to eating meat. Such an addiction is posing a threat to our environment. Take a look at this video by VICE TV on HBO for a further explanation of this environmental challenge. VICE travels to the feedlots, farms and slaughterhouses where our meat is made, to see the true costs of our burger habit.

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Despite Many Challenges, Grassfed Beef Could Go Mainstream


Source: “Despite Many Challenges, Grassfed Beef Could Go Mainstream.” Civil Eats. N.p., 07 June 2017. Web. 13 June 2017.

Grassfed beef is on the rise to meet consumer expectations. In an article written by Lisa Held, facts show that “demand has shifted toward natural and organic foods”. As a whole we are becoming more concern for health, animal welfare, and sustainability. This article touches upon the demand for natural products as well as challenges that come from such desires.

Check out Held’s article on Civil Eats for a view of the dramatic change being recognized by consumers.

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Biscayne Green Event

We were invited to be part of this fantastic and unique initiative. Over the course of 20 days, the Downtown Development Authority’s pop-up promenade saw over 17,000 attendees, dozens of events, and hundreds of thousands of positive reactions from everybody. We did our part on the wood fired grill, where we prepared for the crowd our best seller menu: Choripan (organic pork sausage sandwich), Morcipan (blood sausage sandwich) and Steak Sandwich made with 100% grass fed flap meat (vacio).

It was a great experience, we were happy and we all share communal happiness!

Many THANKS to Prism Creative Group – Isabella and Rosario for inviting us to be part of such a wonderful event.

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Today’s Global Beef Industry Factoids

In attending the 2016 World Meat Congress conference in Uruguay, we learned a great deal of the latest events and data in today’s beef industry across the globe. Some highlights were on the countries that farmed the most beef cows vs. the most dairy cows. Did you know that over 66% of the cows throughout the entire continent of North America are beef cows? We also learned that the entire continent is considered feedlot land in the global beef finishing system. Meanwhile, Uruguay is known to be mainly pasture land for its cattle, hence, why our grass fed beef is labeled as “100% Grass Fed Beef”. See these WMC infographics for a closer look:


Fufi’s Empanadas

Our Gaucho amiga, Florencia Anaya is the mastermind behind the amazing and artisanal empanadas that you’ve probably tried if you’ve attended any of our events. Owner of Fufi’s Empanadas, her business was born as an inspiration from her grandmother’s empanada recipe. The more people tried them, the more she discovered how much they liked them, and the rest is history.

Ranging from cheese and creamed spinach to our very own Gaucho Ranch grass-fed beef, Fufi’s Empanadas vary in delicious and exquisite fillings and are known for being “clean” food, with a concentration on the flavors, a little extra oil and no extra fat. You can try her recipe at Vice City Bean, Miami Flea events, Canvas Miami, Rail 71 Cafe, and every month at our Gaucho tasting events!

Florencia and Fufi’s Empanadas have been featured in the Fall 2016 issue of Edible South Florida. Read the article, Elevating Empanadas by Gretchen Schmidt below, or go to their website to subscribe.

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Florencia Anaya likes to tell people she really doesn’t have a family culinary background. Her mother didn’t cook and neither did her grandmothers –  well one made rice and ketchup, she jokes. But during her childhood in Buenos Aires, Anaya says one of her grandmothers eventually tried her hand at spinach and beef empanadas, and they turned out to be so tasty, they became a family favorite.

As a teenager Anaya never forgot those savory pastry pockets, even during a whirlwind of travel and jobs. At 17, she moved to the United States to take a seasonal internship in hospitality management in Keystone, Colorado. Soon she was working three jobs – in retail and in ski rentals. She returned to Argentina for school and came back to Colorado.

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An Evening with Il Italian Gaucho, Chef Mazzon Ivo

Organic Pork Sausage & Blood Sausage Risotto, fresh Gaucho Ranch grass-fed beef, and small bites from Fufi’s empanadas and Mimmo’s Mozzarella were just a few of the delicious treats that were served at last Friday’s tasting event. Featuring Chef Mazzon Ivo (former chef of Joey’s in Wynwood), Gaucho Amigos joined together to enjoy a night of delectable food and fun. Fortunately, we do these tasting events every month, so join us next time! To keep up with when our next event is, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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