Organic Meat Twice As Good For You

It is a known fact that organic meat is better for your health for many reasons. It provides various important nutrients required to live a long and healthy life, among many other benefits. We knew our beef was good for you, but apparently its even better than we thought! Check out this article from Global Meat News, on research that proves there is even more support for why you should include organic meat in your diet.IMG_3335Written by: Oscar Rousseau, Global Meat News, February 16, 2016

Eating organic meat instead of non-organic meat could provide you with double the amount of essential nutrients and may lower the risk of heart disease, a study by Newcastle University has found.

The new report, published on 16 January in the British Journal of Nutrition, has revealed that organic meat has around 50% more essential Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional meat products. Organic meat also has lower levels of two saturated fats that have been linked to heart disease, the report claimed.

We farm organic red meat on a grass-based, home-grown forage diet which delivers a superb quality,” said Richard Smith, senior farms manager from UK organic meat producer Daylesford Organic.

In addition to other benefits of producing food in an organic system, this landmark paper now also confirms what we’ve always known: there is also a significant nutritional difference between organic and non-organic.Read more>>

Closed July with a Bang

At our latest tasting, the Gaucho Squad once more enjoyed serving a very full crowd of Gaucho Amigos! Seeing so many contagious smiles from all sorts of ages & cultures that night undoubtedly kept us smiling the entire night. Many feasted on our grass fed beef cuts straight off our charcoal & wood-fire grills off the fired grill. The usual Gaucho Bites included our “wet aged” picanhas, flap meat, and tenderloins marinated in Garland Food chimichurri, organic pork sausages, “morcillas”, and “Matabre a la pizza”.  We greatly appreciate the presence of our frequent guests, new-comers, &  neighborhood friends! We also appreciate our tremendous chefs and the support from our sponsors: Traversa, Mimmo’s, and FUFI for always enhancing the experience with fine wine, handcrafted cheeses, and empanadas.

We look forward to seeing you again at our next Gaucho tasting!

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Edible South Florida- The Skinny on Beef

Featured in Edible South Florida magazine’s third issue of Volume 7, Gaucho Ranch is part of a hot topic of conversation surrounding the beef business. Today, consumers are more and more concerned about health and environmental issues regarding the beef they buy. With various types of beef, ranging from USDA Prime, USDA Choice, and USDA Organic, to Grain-fed, Grass-fed and more, people are becoming more interested in the path the beef takes from cow to plate and that the process is humane and healthy.

Many of Florida’s cattle ranchers want to stick to “homegrown” beef to ensure quality of beef and minimize environmental damage by reducing the carbon footprint and supporting open wildlife habitats. With the rise of this practice, Gaucho Ranch thrives. Focusing on grass-fed beef imported from the pampas of Uruguay, Gaucho beef is tasty, lower in calories, leaner and has a higher omega-3 content than other types of beef. Owner Pablo Liberato encourages grass-fed beef as the better beef option and talks more about the benefits in Edible South Florida’s article, The Skinny On Beef.

As featured in the article, check out Gaucho Ranch beef for yourself at any of their tasting events, Quinto La Huella in Brickell, or Los Fuegos in Miami Beach, and read more about these options in the article. Where will Gaucho Ranch pop up next? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our blog to find out!@Gaucho Ranch- edible  SF- 08:01:16 .png


We celebrated love with Mimmo’s Mozzarella, who hosted a “Cheese and Love” tasting. Our guests of all sorts enjoyed fine cheeses & delectable FUFI empanadas followed by our grass fed picanhas and rib-eye steaks with Garland chimichurri, all topped off with Mendoza Station wine & stracciatela with fruit reduction for dessert! We look forward to seeing you all at our next Gaucho tasting!

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A Tasty Start to July

The Gaucho Squad enjoyed a wonderful Friday night last week with a fabulous crowd devouring Gaucho bites off the fired grill as we happily cooked up our organic Uruguayan specialty cuts paired with our Garland Food chimichurri. Much thanks to all of our beloved customers (newcomers and regulars), neighbors, and our excellent chefs! We also appreciate support from our sponsors: Traversa, Mimmo’s, and FUFI for enhancing the experience with their scrumptious products! See you at next month’s communal Gaucho tasting!

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Grass-Fed Beef Instructions & Cooking Tips

About our Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is distinctively richer in flavor than corn-fed beef. This richness has made South American grass-fed beef a prized treat for meat lovers and foodies around the world. Our cattle roam freely their entire lives and eat only what nature intended: grass, clovers, and wild flowers. Our beef has no antibiotics or hormones added, and is 100% grass-fed. This completely natural diet ensures delivery of a premium nutritional beef, lower in fat, calories and cholesterol, and higher in Omega 3’s and antioxidants. Due to the natural “wet aging” process that occurs inside the vacuum seal, you may notice a stronger beef odor when you break the vacuum sealed bag. This is due to the concentration of juices inside the bag and is perfectly normal.

IMG_1937-Edit-Edit-EditBeef Handling Instructions

1. Open the vacuum sealed bag and take the beef out. Make sure to remove the absorbent pad.

2. Pat dry with a paper towel and allow the beef to rest at room temperature for 15 minutes before cooking. This will bring back its natural red-pink color and prevent the meat from becoming tough when touching the hot grill/pan.

3. If the meat was frozen, never use the microwave to thaw it. Instead, transfer the meat into the refrigerator and allow 24-36 hours for proper thawing. Then follow steps 1-2. After defrosting, consume within a week.

Gaucho Cooking Tips

  • Grass-fed beef is high in protein and low in fat. Therefore the beef will require 30% less cooking time than the regular grain-fed beef.
  • Remember that beef will continue to cook when removed from heat. Do not overcook it!
  • Always let the beef sit covered in a warm place for 3 minutes after removing from heat to allow the juices to redistribute.
  • Never use a fork to turn over your beef- you will lose nutritious juices. Always use tongs!
  • Reduce cooking temperatures for corn-fed recipes by 50 degrees. The cooking time should remain the same or slightly shorter, even at the lower temperatures.
  • The ideal cooking points for grass-fed beef are medium to medium rare. If you like your beef well done, cook it at a lower temperature or in a sauce pan to add moisture.

NOTE: Gaucho Ranch Beef is vacuum-sealed fresh. Our shipping system is designed to keep your beef cool to the touch for up to 72 hours. Depending on when you receive your shipment, the gel packs inside the insulated box may be defrosted. Do not be alarmed. As long as the meat is cool to the touch, the product is fine.

A+E Stories: The Tale of Gaucho Ranch


Article Written By: Arts & Entertainment District  • 6|16|2016

“Of the many start-ups that I have been a part of, this is the first in which I simply began with a mission statement: to serve and educate the community, and worked from there,” says Pablo Liberato, Founder of Gaucho Ranch, a Miami-based grass-fed and sustainable beef retailer. This community-driven way of thinking aligns with that of the visionaries behind Miami’s Arts + Entertainment District and has made it the perfect spot for Pablo to showcase his beef to enthusiastic and forward thinking customers.

Hailing from New York, where he founded/owned many start-ups, ranging from a gelato shop to a tennis shop, Pablo felt everything was money driven so he wanted to take a step back from this commercial outlook on business. His new mission was to serve the community and to create a business in which he could truly educate his customers and provide them with a quality product. With Guacho Ranch’s cattle imported fresh from South America for retail and catering purposes, customers are receiving 100% natural grass fed beef, free of antibiotics, hormones and grain. Pablo aims to teach his customers about healthier eating through “eating less, but with higher quality and protein packed meals,” and about how grass-fed beef is better for both the environment and our bodies.

With the Arts + Entertainment District, Pablo has found an audience for his products which he feels truly understands his mission for better quality eating. As he is able to chat and mingle with event-goers while grilling up some of his delicious bites – steak sandwiches, sausage sandwiches, and artisanal empanadas– he feels that the A+E audience is “a progressive, new generation of people who are aware of his products and their mission for more healthful eating.”

Pablo has served his delicious meats at a variety of the area’s events including the Miami Flea and Movies Under the Stars in particular. Through catering to a new and forward thinking audience, Pablo has seen stronger retail sales, warehouse sales and an increased awareness for his products and his brand. Pablo noted that the area and its events are “such a fantastic idea and so enticing to people” and therefore have allowed Pablo to tap into a new group of customers who not only enjoy his food but truly are interested in the ways in which grass-fed beef is better for the environment and for our bodies.

Sharing his food within the many Arts + Entertainment district events has allowed Pablo to fulfill Gaucho Ranch’s founding mission statement: to serve and educate. A+E has allowed him to do so by providing an open space to not only educate, but to also integrate his customer’s feedback in order to produce the ultimate Gaucho Ranch experience.

On the horizon, Gaucho Ranch is aspiring to open its first Grill Boutique in Miami in the near future. This would entail selling both his meats and grill features.